Located at the heart of Iloilo City, we, at Solidgold Multi Resources Corporation hope to be the leading furniture depot in Iloilo and Panay Islands. Since we were established 10 year ago as a hardware store, we have always dreamed of becoming your one-stop shop for your furnishing needs.

Our History is our Guarantee

Since we started as a hardware and upholstery business, we have mastered the art of choosing the best materials and the science of engineering them efficiently to become creative and quality furnishings.

We are a family business, and we want to extend that spirit in everything we do. Since our family is doing business with yours, thus, we make sure that we only give you the best and we will always seek to improve and innovate through time.

We take part in the process, from concept to actualization and even through delivery and installation. We are committed to ensure that we pay importance to your needs and heed your demands with every transaction.

Let our growing clientele tell our tale

Since our Solidgold’s conception, we have had the privilege to serve numerous clients in Iloilo and Panay. Our extensive list of satisfied customers is a sure evidence of our company’s reputation. A reputation we hope to continue and make our legacy.

While our business relationship with our old customers ensure our passion for service, we look forward to expanding our clientele from home-owners, businessmen, entrepreneurs to the government sector in the years to come.

Our satisfaction is your satisfaction

We work behind the scene most of the time, ensuring a responsive customer service and perfecting each item we offer on our showrooms and responding to your tailored-fit requirement. Our accomplishments are evident with every end result.

We stand for beauty but we never compromise the quality of our project, big or small. In each of your visit or transaction, we will aim to please.

Our topmost priority is living up to your expectations, and we will continue to strive to be the best at what we do moving forward.