Melamine Board

Melamine Board

MDF melamine is produced using the latest in manufacturing technology and is unmatched in terms of product consistency. Superior quality, uniform density and precisely controlled thicknesses. Manufactured with a core made from 100% softwood,  MDF melamine is well suited to a range of applications, such as commercial and residential furniture, store fixtures, office modular, cabinets and slotwall.

Wicker Fiber

Wicker are weaved materials usually made from plant stalks, branches or shoots. Mixed with rigid materials, wicker make good furniture and accents. While organic materials add flair to most furniture, plastic fibers make sturdier options. Wicker are usually light weight yet sturdy, hence, it make a popular choice for outdoor furniture and those that require frequent rearrangement.

Choose from our wide array of natural and synthetic wicker or better yet choose a combination of both. Our wicker furniture range from benches, chairs, stools, tables and even sofas. If you want a furniture that is both durable and stylish, go for synthetic but if you’re going for an organic and au natural feel, rattan and bamboo are the best options.



Lamination is a process of covering something usually in plastic for durability. For furniture, they usually work for pseudo-wood materials commonly for flooring or as wood tiles. Laminations help preserve wood and makes thin pieces become sturdier. Ideal for table tops or wall accents, laminates provide an organic feel to your space. They also cost less than going for all wood options.

Laminates are also usually more durable and easier to customize, thus, allowing you to design freely while optimizing the amount of time required to build the piece of furniture your require. If you’re looking for a material that offered both style and function without breaking the bank, laminates can be good alternative for most wood based furniture.


Nothing beats a trusted, good quality wood. Evidenced by its wide use in furniture making since time immemorial. What makes wood as trusted material is the fact that it’s very versatile. You may shape it according to your will thus, you can freely create a design and shape your furniture however you want it.

Wood are also sturdy and with the right care and maintenance, it can last long. You can even repurpose wooden furniture once they’ve served their purpose. Though pricier than other options, using wood gives a more authentic feel to your furniture. As they say, nothing beats the classic.



Fabrics can be natural or synthetic materials usually woven, knitted or bonded together. Natural fabrics like cotton and wool are commonly used for home furnishing due to the comfort and style they provide whereas synthetic fabrics are usually utilized for industrial furnishings.

Choosing the right fabric can make or break your furniture. One of the most important thing to consider is the function of the fabric you intend to use relative to the type of furniture you require. Commonly, organic fabrics are used in home furnishing because they require more careful maintenance while synthetic fabrics work best for office spaces that require less care. Choosing the texture and color also play a vital role in making the final look and feel of your furniture.